Flu/Fluenz Vaccination Clinics 2020

In light of the risk of flu and COVID-19 co-circulating this winter, the national flu immunisation programme will be absolutely essential to protecting vulnerable people and supporting the resilience of the health and care system.

This year we will be running our clinics differently so that we can follow infection control guidelines and minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus. Please ensure you follow these guidelines to protect your fellow patients and our staff.

If you have a separate appointment scheduled at the surgery, please DO NOT book an appointment in the flu clinic as you will be given the vaccine at your appointment that you already have booked.

  • Book into the correct clinic. If you are over 65 please ensure you book into the clinic for the ‘over 65s’ to receive an Adjuvanted Trivalent vaccine. If you are 50-64 please wait for an invitation as vaccine for this group is not available until November/December 2020.
  • If you are under 65 and in one of the clinical risk groups please book into an ‘at risk’ clinic and receive the Quadravalent vaccine.
  • We will not be operating mixed clinics this year to keep the process as streamlined and efficient as possible as different vaccines are required for different patient groups.
  • Ensure you read the vaccination information before attendance here:  Flu Vaccine Leaflet
  • Do not attend if you are acutely unwell or have any of the coronavirus symptoms: High temperature of 37.8 or above, new continuous cough, loss of sense of taste or smell.
  • Please ensure to use the toilet at home before your appointment as these facilities will be minimised at the surgery.
  • We will be administering vaccines at short intervals. Your appointment time will therefore be to the minute i.e. 12:33pm. Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. If you attend by car, wait in your car until your allotted time.
  • Wear a face covering on arrival to the surgery premises (this includes the car park).
  • Clinics will be held in the lower ground floor, please do not attend reception. You will enter via the bottom of the car park following the signs to the rear of the building where we will have gazebo’s erected to offer some protection from the weather, however please dress appropriately. We will have staff available to direct you and answer any questions whilst you wait.
  • As you near the front of the queue we will require you to have your arm exposed ready for your vaccination, please dress appropriately in clothes that are easily removed and held or rolled up.
  • Once called to a room for vaccination your identity will be checked and we will ensure vaccination is appropriate. You will then be given the flu vaccination. Our staff will be wearing face masks and face shields, gloves and aprons. They will change the gloves and aprons between patients to ensure their safety and yours.
  • If you have any follow up questions please telephone reception as the healthcare assistant or nurse will not have time to deal with additional queries at the appointment.
  • Once you have received your vaccine you will exit the building via the side door on the lower ground floor and through the gate to the car park. Please leave the premises swiftly.

Children’s Flu Vaccines:

Children’s Flu Vaccines will be administered using the same procedure as above. Children should come with only one adult and no other siblings if possible. Parents should wear face coverings and children ages 11 and over should also wear a face covering, only to be removed for administration of the nasal flu vaccine.