Antenatal/Maternity Care

The more you know about your pregnancy and your options, the more you are likely to feel in control. The information given here is based on The Pregnancy Book, which your midwife should give you at your first appointment.

If you are pregnant, please pick up a maternity pack from reception, this will have details about contacting the Midwife, for an initial booking visit. You do not need to see a GP.

The community midwife team are based at the Princess Anne Wing, RUH, Bath. You can leave a message for them on 01761 417278.

For further information about pregnancy and pre-conception advice, please click on the following link:

All women receive post-natal visits from their community midwife once they are home with their baby. These visits last until around 10 days after birth, when care is handed over to the Health Visitor.

The practice provides complete care during pregnancy, birth and after delivery in co-operation with our community midwife and Princess Anne Wing of the Royal United Hospital. Please pick up a maternity pack from reception as soon as you think you are pregnant – this will have details about contacting the Midwife. You do not need to see a GP.


Experiencing ante or postnatal depression or anxiety? Are you a mum living in B&NES? Feeling anxious? Overwhelmed? Isolated? Difficulty sleeping?

Bluebell can offer you 1:1 support during pregnancy and up to 2 years after birth.

Bluebell Buddy: A free, weekday, confidential, befriending service for parents experiencing depression related to pregnancy and birth.

To find out more:
T: 01179 220746
E: info:bluebellcare


All Mums are welcome to breast feed at the surgery.

The UK has on of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world, with just 34% of babies receiving breast milk at six months of age, compared to 62% in Sweden. Breastfeeding has proven maternal and infant health and wellbeing benefits which translate into reduced demand on healthcare services. It is also sustainable, using no additional land or water resources, producing no carbon emissions and minimal/zero waste. Formula milk, most of which is based on powdered cows milk, has a large water, carbon and methane footprint in it’s production, packaging, transportation and consumption.

Dads in Mind

1 in 10 dads find their mental health is affected by becoming a parent.

Are you a dad living in B&NES? Is your partner experiencing antenatal/postnatal depression? Are you anxious/depressed about your own new role? Feeling isolated?

A Dad’s In Mind worker can offer you support. If it might help to chat to another dad, who has lived experience, please get in touch via their Facebook page or call or text. (They aim to get in touch within a week).

T: 07710 050400

Healthy Living in Pregnancy

For all you need to know about pregnancy, birth and looking after baby, including trying to get pregnant, foods to avoid, antenatal care, breastfeeding and bottle feeding see: