Welcome: Patients from Monmouth and Grosvenor Surgeries

March 2021


Dear Patients,

Welcome to Newbridge Surgery. We understand the distress that a change of GP can cause some patients who have had a longstanding relationship with their GP. We hope we can help ease the way with the following information.

We are dedicated to being a welcoming family-practice and aim to provide quality, evidence-based care for all in a supportive and friendly way. We believe mutual respect, honesty and integrity are essential to achieve this.

Usual GP

When you registered with us, you would have been given details of your accountable GP. This is the GP partner who you have been registered to, however is not the GP you must always see. We encourage patients to see or speak to the same GP for ongoing problems where possible to ensure continuity of care. Over time, this GP may become you ‘usual GP’. Your usual GP can be any GP from our team who you tend to see most regularly.

Our GPs can be met here:



Newbridge is a larger surgery than you have been used to. We therefore operate slightly differently and have a wider team of clinicians each trained to high standards in their field.

We have a large nursing team, which includes Nurse Practitioners (NP) who work alongside our GPs and will see the majority of our patients with an urgent new problem that needs to be reviewed that day. We also have Healthcare Assistants who will see patients for blood tests, injections, blood pressure checks and much more.

For more information on the nursing team please see: /team/nursing-team/

To help us ensure you see the most appropriate person at the right time our Medical Administrators have all been trained to ask the reason for your call so they can direct you accordingly. Please provide as much detail as you are comfortable with when booking your appointment.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are all working slightly differently to usual. Policies are changing as the situation evolves, but currently we are operating a telephone triage system, so any request to see a GP or Nurse Practitioner (NP) will be triaged first through a GP/NP telephone call back. If they can help you over the telephone they will, or they will invite you to attend the surgery that day, or at another appropriate time.

Nurse and Healthcare Assistant appointments can be booked in advance. Please ensure you leave enough time for booking appointments as lead times can vary.

Our front door is currently open, however we would request that all general enquiries are made over the phone to keep foot traffic to a minimum. Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible as we have limited socially distanced waiting space. If possible remain in your car until just before your appointment time.

We do have a car park for visiting patients, however on busy clinic days this can become full so please allow time for parking when attending. There is nearby on street parking also. If you can walk to your appointment we would encourage this and also have a cycle rack for those on two wheels.

Long-term Health Conditions

If you have a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes we will recall you once a year for review. This will be in your birth month to help you remember when your review is due. Some patients may have other recalls in the year, but where possible we will coordinate all your annual care needs to this one appointment schedule (you may have an initial appointment with an HCA for physical readings and a follow-up with a nurse or GP).


We use the same clinical software as your previous surgery so if you previously ordered your repeat medication using SystmOnline this will remain possible. We encourage all patients to request medication this way so if you do not have an account yet we will be happy to set one up.


Please take some time to review our website which has a lot of useful information, however any of our Medical Administrators will also be happy to help answer any queries you may have.

If you ever feel we are not meeting our aspired standards we would be happy to discuss this with you. We also have a Patient Participation Group and would welcome any new members.

In the mean time we look forward to meeting you and providing your care.

The Newbridge Surgery Team